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Our Growth Managers help you define and manage your acquisition strategy by using your proprietary data to improve your media performance. Our expertise and methodology allow us to deploy some of the most advanced acquisition strategies on the market.

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Business Cases

How to analyse 80k queries in 7 countries?
Acquisition to restore financial health in a strong competitive environment
Using Target ROAS for lead generation
Our beliefs

Our beliefs in terms of media strategy

15 million euros of investments under management in only 2 years, discover the 3 pillars of our success on Google Ads

We believe that collective intelligence is the key to successful partnerships to deploy innovative and effective solutions.


We recommend only those tools for which we are convinced of their relevance to your business issues.


Our motivation: to maximise your return on investment through data and the daily monitoring of jointly defined performance indicators.

Our method

Work on a breakdown of your sales by business variable (product, audience, lever, etc.) to define precise micro-objectives, aligned with your growth ambition, while integrating your real business constraints (profitability, budget, lifetime value, etc.).
Define relevant indicators to evaluate the performance of marketing activities.
Before creating a campaign, the experts at our Facebook Ads agency set up the Audience Manager in order to create specific audiences and to ensure a perfect segmentation between acquisition and remarketing. The first objective is to reach a large audience of unknown Internet users to generate new customers. The second objective will be to retain existing customers through target audiences based on Facebook pixel or CRM.

Break down the global annual budget according to the business plan by detecting pockets of opportunity (acquired & missed) with our Media experts.
Project with our Data Analysts the return on investment per lever via the analysis of your historical data, the market potential and the tangible optimizations.

Specify strategic growth opportunities based on the identified areas of optimization.
Write an operational roadmap in the form of a detailed roadmap for the teams in charge of marketing activation.In addition, we test different landing pages on your site in order to seek to facilitate the prospect's journey on your site and thus maximize the conversions of each facebook ad.

Do you work with influencers? Spark, Facebook ads agency, integrates their content for you in the form of sponsored posts in campaigns. This way you combine influence marketing and acquisition strategy.

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