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Three main concepts

Iteration: method of solving an equation by successive approximations.

Unlike traditional advertising strategies, iteration is a key success factor in digital strategies. But iteration is only worthwhile if accompanied by rigor and velocity. Rigor, to ensure that tests are reliable and that the right conclusions are drawn, and velocity, because the competitive environment and tools are changing at breakneck speed.

The Spark method is therefore at the crossroads of these 3 notions: iteration, rigor and velocity.
It is based on 3 characteristics:

Two work phases



Analysis of your challenges
Setting up collaboration tools
Defining objectives
Strategy development


AB test follow-up
Weekly report
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Our values

Our principles and beliefs

Customer first

All our actions are guided by the interests of our customers. We will always put your interests ahead of our own.


We strive for excellence for ourselves and for our customers.


We are transparent, trusting and caring.

Who you'll be working with

The project team

This is the person who sets the major business orientations (objectives, budgets) and provides the teams with business knowledge.
Growth Manager
He is responsible for executing the defined strategy, optimizing campaigns on a daily basis, and reporting directly to the customer. They also provide a consultancy dimension to help their customers develop beyond the scope of acquisition (creative, tracking, tech, crm...).
Squad Lead
He provides a strategic vision, intervenes at specific times (structuring tests, changes in scope) and ensures the Growth Manager's operational excellence.
Business Partner
He or she helps the customer to reflect on his or her global challenges and defines the framework of the business relationship, particularly during the onboarding phase. It also acts as a relay for informal feedback and ensures the success of each collaboration.
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