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How to improve the referencing of a site at national and local level?
Increasing online sales in a highly competitive environment
How to generate a high volume of leads in B2B?
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Our beliefs about Facebook Ads

15 million euros of investments under management in only 2 years, discover the 3 pillars of our success on Google Ads

Your audiences are already over-solicited online. Avoid impersonal messages with a powerful granular structure


Identify audience and ad combinations to maximize your revenue on Facebook and Instagram


The key to success on this lever. Spark deploys effective visuals, optimized for each location

Our method on Facebook Ads

There are many elements to set up in order to succeed in your acquisition on Facebook and Instagram and their configuration can be complex: creation of campaigns, definition of audiences, production of visuals, configuration of the product catalog... We support you at each step to build a powerful acquisition funnel and send personalized messages at each stage, whatever your business challenges are: lead generation, e-commerce or application installation.

Before creating a campaign, the experts of our Facebook Ads agency set up the Audience Manager to create specific audiences and ensure perfect segmentation between acquisition and remarketing. The first objective is to reach a large audience of unknown Internet users to generate new customers. The second objective will be to retain existing customers thanks to target audiences based on Facebook pixel or CRM.

Not all audiences are equal in an SMO strategy and results are not instantaneous. Setting up a granular structure will improve campaign management and allow for quick iteration on audiences and visuals. All types of targeting are tested: demographic, interest, similar/lookalike audiences, pixel-based and crm. We play with the different elements of paid ads (message, visuals, ad formats) to create infinite ad combinations.

With granular performance reporting, we can identify the best performing ads at each stage of the funnel. These reports are updated in real time and aggregate results on a number of key performance indicators, including click-through rates and conversion rates, which are critical for judging the quality of ads. As a recognized Facebook Ads agency, our pragmatic approach allows us to identify the most effective audience/ad combinations to maximize your ROI.

Visuals are probably the decisive variable of performance on Facebook Ads. Our creative team, expert in social ads, accompanies you every day to produce innovative visuals capable of generating qualified traffic. We produce content respecting your editorial line, perfectly adapted to each location and capitalizing on the many ad formats available on the platform such as carousels, story or collection.
We also test different landing pages on your site in order to seek to facilitate the prospect's journey on your site and thus maximize conversions from each facebook ad.

Do you work with influencers? Spark, Facebook ads agency, integrates their content for you in the form of sponsored posts in campaigns. This way you combine influence marketing and acquisition strategy.

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The Facebook Ads to-do list

Ad formats per campaign
Setting up the campaigns
Social stacking strategy
Precise definitions of audiences
Funnel acquisition structure
Continuous competitive intelligence
Leverage performance steering
Regular updates of the creas
Implementation of similar audiences (lookalike)
Audience Insights Analysis
Deployment on Instagram Ads
Production of optimised creations for the Story
Production of optimised creations for the Feed
Setting up audience exclusions
Writing effective text ads
Customised performance reporting
Advice on the types of campaigns to activate
Implementation and analysis of Brand Lift questionnaires
Regular iterations on landing pages
Monitoring of the transformation rate
Integration of drive-to-store strategy
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Our team of specialists

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Frequently asked questions about Facebook Ads Agencies

What are the advantages of doing acquisition on Facebook Ads?

Take advantage of the highly granular targeting opportunities offered by the Facebook Ads platform to promote your brand on Facebook and Instagram to audiences relevant to you. It's the best way to improve your brand awareness while growing your online business.

What test budget should I allocate to get started on Facebook Ads?

There is no minimum to start a test, a few hundred euros are usually enough to generate a volume of usable conversions and evaluate the relevance of Facebook and Instagram levers for your business. At spark, we support startups in all industries from 3K€ monthly budget allocated to digital marketing and traffic acquisition.

How to advertise on Facebook?

You need to go to the Meta for Business (ex-Facebook) Ads Manager and create your Business account. Once in the Manager, you will be able to create your first campaigns by defining the business objectives (traffic, conversions) and the audiences to target. The last step will be to create your ads among all available formats by linking the ads to your Facebook page.

How long does it take to set up Facebook Ads campaigns?

After a meeting to understand your business requirements, industry context and competitive advantages, our teams prepare a granular Facebook Ads campaign structure and perfectly optimized visuals for all available locations: News Feed, Stories, etc. within a few days.

How much does Facebook Ads coaching cost?

At spark, the cost of Facebook Ads support depends on the volume of investment and the levers activated. We believe that the value we bring to our clients is our only guarantee of success. As a Facebook Ads agency, our contracts are without commitment in the long term! In addition, we condition part of our remuneration in the form of bonuses that depend on predefined objectives with our clients.

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